The Seed Movement: Created In Divine Choreography written in Heaven Paperback

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This book is an invitation. Once accepted, and with Heaven's guidance, the reader will be assisted in discovering their intimate connection with the Divine. Our lives are the offering we make to enhance this connection; through the transformation of our pain and the overcoming of our limitations. As we do so we come to embody the finest versions of ourselves, which reveals a seed in our hearts. As divine beings we are all bearers of the seed--the sprouting of which becomes our unique gift to humanity and the nourishment required for our collective evolution. This is a story which was channeled by souls with an understanding of heaven and other dimensions. Within its pages Lannette Jamieson describes her near-death experience, the subsequent transformation of her entire life, and the gifts she returned with. These include spiritual understanding, healing tools, and a unique form of collaboration rooted in unconditional love, which she refers to as team-play, capable of dissolving the egoic constraint of human potential. This story demonstrates what role our hearts play in manifesting unimaginable beauty in our world and that we are ultimately the sovereign creators of our own reality. By stepping into limitless, highest version of ourselves we can unite to dissolve the illusion of separation and live fearlessly, while embodying our truth. It is time to lighten the human burden through love. Lannette is shown in Heaven that she will give birth to a child that will assist in this soul mission. Together with her child Lincoln they will reassemble their soul family and deliver a love story to the world.