Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp

Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp


– Floorstanding hobby and reading lamp

– 27W Naturalight tube (energy saving)

– Read and work in comfort

– Flexible arm to direct the light

– Supplied with 27 watt tube


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Product Description

This floor lamp is perfect to work and read on a sofa. The powerful 27w Full Spectrum Naturalight™ tube will give you the best color rendering and allow to read or work in comfort. With its flexible neck, you can also direct the light exactly where you are, not the other way around. Relax and enjoy working with Naturalight™!

Colour: White
Replacement tube: UN0005
Height: 130cm (51 inches)
Weight: 5kg (11 lbs)
Light: 27W (160W) Naturalight


Energy saving: All the Naturalight™ bulbs, tubes and LEDs use 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs. We do our bit to help the planet!

Lasts longer: All the Naturalight tubes/bulbs are energy saving. They use less energy and at the same time, last up to 10 times longer than conventional bulbs.

RoHS & CE: Naturalight™ products fully comply to the latest RohS and other European health & safety standards for lighting and electrical appliances.



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